The Quiet Ones

Randy walks the hall with a chip on his shoulder.

Take the Time

It is time for Halloween so obviously we need to talk about little ones and safety and costumes and the parent’s duties regarding proper Trick or Treat etiquette. Right? That would make sense and it is a topic that s worth exploring.

Profoundly Simple

I grew up in West Texas in the 70s and early 80s. West Texas is comprised of long stretches of desert broken only by oil or cotton fields. The land is harsh and unforgiving. The temperatures are extreme and the heat can be almost unimaginable. And even though there is a lot of oil in West Texas, most of us lived in families that worked in the oil fields for nominal wages. It was a hard life in many respects, because the work was hard and the financial rewards were minimal.

Needing to Be Heard

Have you ever had the nightmare where someone is chasing you... ...and you are running and running and trying to scream for help-- but you can’t scream? With every ounce of your being you want to be heard, you want someone to see you and know that you need help, but something inside is keeping you quiet.

Common Sense Isn't Always Common

Have you ever had your own personal V8 moment? You know what I am talking about – those V-8 commercials where someone figures out something blatantly obvious and slaps themselves on the forehead and says, “I coulda had a V8”.

News and Today's Kids

When my oldest daughter was little, she didn’t like it when I watched the news because she thought it was boring. The 24 hour news onslaught was just beginning on cable and internet news was one of those things that people said was coming, but I wasn’t sure how.

Calming Down That ONE Student

Why is it harder to calm one student down than to calm down an entire class? Why does it seem there is a butting of heads and a clash of wills more in a one-on-one situation than when telling the entire group to sit down and pay attention?

Calming Them Down: Transitions

Do you dread the moments after the bell rings and you know you are going to have to calm down a room full of kids?