Our Experiment

  Jay's nephew and his new best buddy in Pre-K.

Social Emotional Learning with Leaps: Competencies

Competency, in its simplest form, means suitability.

It's Your Classroom: Own It.

About half of our nation’s schools are back in session and the rest will be joining in the next week or so. It is time for that fresh start when every student has a clean slate and every teacher has hope for his or her class. It is the time of year when expectations are motivating actions and the reality of the coming year is still being forged. In other words, it is the perfect time of the year to jump on classroom behaviors.

Bright Light, Dark Heart: Robin Williams

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5 Simple Things for Educators

There aren’t many jobs that can match that of an educator for sheer workload. Whether an administrator, teacher, clinician, or support staff – being an educator means you are going to have an extremely hectic day, and tomorrow it will always start all over again.

The First Day of School: "Etch-A-Sketch" Your Year

Do you remember your first day of school? It has been nearly 40 years for me, but I still remember my mom walking me to school on my first day of kindergarten in Hobbs, New Mexico. I remember her holding my hand tightly as we crossed the street.

Rebuilding the Bullied: Cyber Bullying

It is scary that bullying has become so much more difficult to find and control.

Rebuilding the Bullied, Part 1

As a parent, one of my great fears is of someone being mean to one of my kids and me not knowing about it. I grew up in a very different time and place. I grew up in the late 70s and 80s West Texas. Then and there if you didn’t get along with someone or you had a disagreement you tended to slug it out, get over it, and then be friends.

It is Time to Play

I was reading the headlines on the front page of my web browser and they were alternating between tragedy, calamity and sadness to just plain goofiness.

Good Parents Make Hard Calls

If you have read many of my postings then you probably already know that I have been blessed with 3 of the best kids you will ever meet. My 17-year -old daughter Megan is as close to perfect as a teenager can get. Her sweet disposition is matched only by her intellect, love, and faith.