How Can Pre-K Really Help?

The ongoing debate over the need for pre-k tends to take a “baby and the bathwater” tone which has proponents on one side saying it should be universal and even mandated with opponents on the other side saying it is basically glorified babysitting and tax dollars could be better spent elsewhere.

Getting in Shape for School

Summer is second only to Christmas for kids. Long days coupled with no homework make for a recipe for fun. Whether swimming in a river or a swimming pool or running through a sprinkler or a fire hydrant being depressurized, summer is magical.

Why Pre-K?

There is a lot of discussion on the news and online, in schools and homes across the country about whether or not having a robust and even mandatory pre-k program in our schools is necessary. There are all kinds of statistics pointing to the advantages of pre-k.

One Great Nation

This is one of my favorite times of the year.

The Green Monster

∞ ∞ ∞ Jolie wants to dress like Kyla and Erin, but her folks just don’t have the money to spend on fancy designer clothes. Even if they did, Jolie is pretty sure her folks wouldn’t spend a hundred bucks on a pair of jeans, just out of principle.

Rules are Rules.

Parents and teachers alike understand that kids will misbehave.

Our Greatest Treasure

Is there anything better than summer vacation? No hard bedtime for the kids and great movies at the theater and, best of all, tons of family time. This past week, my family along with my in-laws spent the week at a great condo on South Padre Island.

What is Leaps?

Get to know what Leaps can do for your school, classroom and community!

The Greatest Pain: Loss

In my last entry I wrote about pain being a fact of life. Everyone has pain from injuries or illnesses or just the process of living. We all have scars from falling off our bikes or out of a tree or from holding a firecracker a second too long. Between 7 knee surgeries, 6 back surgeries, and 2 hand surgeries I am covered in scars. We wear our scars as reminders of a time when pain came to us.