His First Date | Part Two.

Continued from His First Date | Part One...

His First Date | Part One.

This past week my son went on his first "date". I call it a "date", quotation marks and all, because his "friend" accompanied us to my birthday lunch and then a movie. She then joined us at home for a game of basketball, Yahtzee, and any other thing I could think of to keep the mood light and active as possible.

Face to Face: Anger

Anger is one of the most readily identifiable and easy to discern emotions we deal with each day. From being cut off in traffic to something going wrong at work to breaking your favorite glass – anger happens. We have read so much pop-psychology regarding anger that we have almost made it a bad word.

I Believe in Competition!

There are few places that bring about the smile of a child faster than Disney World. Just the thought of riding the spinning teacups or flying on Space Mountain or going on an adventure with the Pirates of Caribbean will bring cheers from any aged child. Disney World is a planet unto itself where make-believe and wonder are at the core of every day.

Today Will Be Great

In a couple of days I am going to have the honor of standing in front of a graduating class of seniors, accepting their course work and declaring them graduates. I chair the Board of Trustees for the school my children and many of their friends attend.

Thank You for Remembering

“Greater love has no one that this; to lay down one’s life for a one’s friends” John 15:13

Finals Week -- Help!

It is that time of the year again for our middle and high school students. It is the time when a year’s worth of facts and lessons and demonstrations and labs will be measured through recollection, recitation, sleep deprivation, and self flagellation in an event known as Finals Week.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Sylvia and I were married for 9 years before we had our first child. Megan was the answer to many of our prayers. She came into this world as the most absolutely beautiful baby ever born and soon became the smartest and quickest and friendliest child that ever lived. Trust me on this one – it’s all true.

Summer: The Happiest Season of All

There aren’t many sensory reminders that rush you back to your childhood days quite like the smell of fresh cut grass. I was at my son’s baseball game the other day, and as I sat there, hotdog in hand, listening to the sound of a ball hitting a bat, and smelling the fresh cut grass – I could have been 12 again.

Spring: The Perfect Time to Teach

I have the very distinct blessing of living in one of the most beautiful cities in this incredible country. Spring in Austin, Texas is a magical time. The fields of bluebonnets and Indian-Paintbrush turn roadsides purple and yellow, blue and red. A simple Sunday afternoon can absolutely lift the heart.