Who is Teaching the Parents?

It is easy to write about the people who are neglectful parents. You know who they are. In my former company I had two psychiatric and psychosocial clinics that served children, and I used to walk into those clinics and think to myself, “What spawned these hellions?” Then I met their mom and dad and I understood.

Our Firm Foundation in Faith

I work with educators. I spend my time helping educators deal with student behaviors and attitudes. We work together to create a better teaching environment as well as a place where students can grow intellectually and developmentally.

I Work, Therefore I Am.

Every time I open my web browser, I see something about a diet or a savings plan or a self-improvement program. We are constantly looking for ways to be better to do better and, often

Teaching Social Skills | The Pedagogical Quandary

How do you teach social skills to a group of students lacking the basic social skills to sit, listen, participate, and learn? How do you get a kid to listen to you, a well-educated person that may or may not be of the same gender/race/socio-economic status as them?

When I Hurt

As a psychologist, I am often asked how to help little ones understand and deal with loss. How do you help your child, adolescent, teen, and even yourself deal with the loss of a loved one?