Summer: The Happiest Season of All

Posted on Tue, 05/08/2018 - 14:30
There aren’t many sensory reminders that rush you back to your childhood days quite like the smell of fresh cut grass. I was at my son’s baseball game the other day, and as I sat there, hotdog in hand, listening to the sound of a ball hitting a bat, and smelling the fresh cut grass – I could have been 12 again.

Reclaiming Our Classrooms

Posted on Mon, 01/23/2017 - 07:01
By: Jay Burcham How do we combat a pop-culture that is predicated on an immediacy of gratification and an assignment of self-worth that is based more on style than substance?  How do we make sure our kids are developing in a way that gives them an opportunity to relate to more than a screen?  How do we make sure our kids are growing and developing socially with the ability to gain both a sense of self-worth and community accountability and responsibility?

Ho..Ho..Oh..No – Sometimes the Holidays Hurt

Posted on Mon, 12/05/2016 - 08:36
I was walking through the supermarket this past weekend when the old familiar Christmas songs began blaring through the speakers. Really? I could not believe they were already starting and then I looked at the calendar and realized it is December. This is the holiday month. This is the time of gifts and family and time off and laughter and food and happiness. This is the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”.

Welcome to the New Leaps Expert Blog!

Posted on Mon, 12/02/2013 - 17:16
We are so excited to offer you great words of wisdom from the Leaps expert on social and emotional learning, Jay Burcham. Jay wrote every word of the Leaps program out of his desire to change school and classroom culture through teaching students and teachers that learning is a behavior. Jay will react to and discuss current events every Monday and delve into the social surroundings of our nation's teachers, students and administration. On Thursdays, Mr.

Our Kids at the Blackboard of Life

Posted on Mon, 01/06/2014 - 16:36
I remember standing at the board in 9th grade with a piece of chalk in my hand with the assignment of diagramming a sentence. I had to know where the verb and the noun and the adjective and the prepositions went. Fast-forward a couple of hours and I am back at the board only this time I am doing long division.

A Christmas Smile

Posted on Mon, 12/23/2013 - 15:44
As a preteen in Big spring Texas I used to dream about owning a BMX bicycle. In the early 80s if a 12-year-old boy had BMX dirt bike bicycle he was definitely one of the cool kids.

Remembering is Not Enough

Posted on Sat, 12/14/2013 - 05:00
The human spirit is remarkably resilient. We can endure and overcome and bear witness to events that should cripple us emotionally. Yet we bounce back. We do so because we can compartmentalize experiences and can look at something, even something incredibly horrible, and place it as someone else’s fate and someone else’s life. We compartmentalize pain and keep living with only brief memories of what someone else endured.

Tis the Season... for Stress

Posted on Mon, 12/09/2013 - 16:05
  It’s the Most Stressful... Time of the Year!

The Teacher Dropout Rate

Posted on Mon, 02/03/2014 - 11:09
An interesting study from Alliance for Education Excellence found here provides some interesting findings on why teachers are leaving the teaching profession.

A Tragic Indifference to Violence

Posted on Mon, 01/27/2014 - 10:04
[caption id="attachment_328" align="alignright" width="410"] We are becoming desensitized to violence as a nation.[/caption] I was watching the news last night and it was chilling when the newsman said, “Well here we go again, another shooting at a mall in …”