Struggling Student

After the 22nd school shooting in just the first 20 weeks of 2018, we decided we had to do something.

In a team meeting, Dennis (our CEO) said, "Emotionally healthy kids don't shoot up schools. They just don't."

And the simple truth of that statement struck a deep chord in all of us. 

If our mission is to get teachers the resources they need to help our kids grow into happy, healthy, productive adults, then there is no more mission critical challenge than helping our teachers prevent tragedies that take kids' lives.

Our entire curriculum was created for schools by mental health professionals, we believe THESE TEN LESSON PLANS can make the most difference. That's why we're giving them away to anyone, anywhere who will use them.

Each of these lesson plans teaches one or more skills that students desperately need to successfully manage social and emotional challenges without resorting to violence. 


  1. Recognizing and Avoiding Problems
  2. When Someone Else is Wrong
  3. Applying Emotional Management Skills
  4. Being Aware of Other People
  5. Reading Body Language
  6. Understanding Your Community
  7. Contact with an Angry Person
  8. Living with Diversity - School and Community
  9. Recognizing Inappropriate Behaviors
  10. The Process of Group Communication


If you're a teacher, counselor, or administrator, we strongly encourage to take a look at these lesson plans over the summer and consider the possibility that the skills they teach might help struggling students in your school.

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