I. Primary Prevention: System and Classroom

Leaps provides a broad array of social and emotional development content in both higher and lower maturity lesson formats. In fact, Leaps offers nearly 200 lesson plans covering the range of social development topics from basic living, to communication and decision making, to clinical skills. With thousands of pages of lesson plans, worksheets and family communication recaps – how does an educator know what to do?
Leaps has the answer - through a classroom based observational assessment process that identifies the most relevant lesson plans for a classroom based upon the observations of the teacher. This allows for a systemic focus on a core element such as Bullying or Respect but it also means that each individual classroom, though focused on the core element, is learning skills necessary for that class. There are commonalities within the core elements of social and emotional growth but the fulfillment of those developmental processes would be based upon educator input that allows for an individualization of teaching for that classroom. The Leaps “Classroom Challenges” resource accomplishes this. The system sets the focus, the teacher gives his or her input, Leaps assigns the lessons, and the students learn the social and emotional elements within a framework of their need.