II. Secondary Prevention: Specialized Small Group

Leaps has a multi-modal, multi-tiered assessing process. This process allows for the individual assessment of a student. Leaps takes this assessment and creates an automated profile of the student that quantifies the students’ current psychosocial functioning level and then correlates the risk of behaviors to this functioning level. Leaps then breaks this functioning level into 10 categories and quantifies the student’s strengths and deficits within each category and provides the data necessary to identify the students whose categorical functioning levels indicate placement in specific small groups. Finally, the Leaps profile provides a formulary based prescription of what to teach for intervention, prevention, and social support purposes.

For small groups, Leaps enables educators to choose completed, individual profiles of the specific students he or she wants in a small group from the database. Leaps then takes each individual student’s profile and aggregates them into a profile for the small group. Leaps takes this data and creates a report on the group that outlines the functioning level of the group, the categorical strengths and deficits of the group, and then provides a prescription for intervention, prevention, and social support lessons specific to the needs of the students within that group. Leaps then fulfills all areas of need with content in the form of lesson plans that are specifically designed for the areas of need of the small group.
Finally, Leaps provides a comparison tool that gives the educator the ability to compare the groups’ functioning levels, within the categories measured, at the pre-participation level to the groups’ post-participation level of functioning. Leaps actually quantifies the groups levels of functioning with each of the 10 measured categories and automates the progress reporting for the group by comparing pre and post participation functioning levels and reporting on quantified progress and the percentage of progress this represents. Leaps gives the educator everything he or she needs to identify the students in need of a small group, identify the small groups he or she needs to create, align the students into the correct group, access the content necessary for that specific group, and then report the groups progress as well as the progress of individual group participants.