III. Tertiary Prevention: Specialized and Individualized
As outlined previously, Leaps has a dynamic assessing process. This multi-modal, multi-tiered assessing process means that an educator can assess a student through an interview format, a self-reporting format, or an informant-based format. The assessments are available in written form, as electronic forms that are accessed and completed at home by a parent or student, or in multi-student electronic formats which allows a teacher to assess an entire class at the same time. Whether conducting, proctoring, or administering an assessment, Leaps provides each level of assessment in a format that meets the time and focus need of the educator. This assessing ability allows an educator to create a detailed profile of individual students and identify those students in need of one-on-one and specialized prevention and intervention services.

This process also provides the educator the ability to reassess at any time and determine if progress is being made or if regression is occurring. This ability to quantifiably differentiate between real time progress or decompensation means that the educator can adjust focus and/or intensity based upon the real time and specialized need of the student. As outlined above, Leaps also provides the resource fulfillment in the form of lesson plans and assessing tools to keep the individual student’s plan current, relevant, and specialized. 

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